Custom Content Marketing

Statisfy’s custom content services and tools are designed to delight, educate, and inspire audiences with an ultimate goal of creating more brand advocates. Our content communicates a brand’s aspirations, while inspiring consumers from the niches to share.

Market Insights

Statisfy’s embeddable polls allows you to ask the questions that matter most to your business. Our technology collects and analyzes real-time consumer insights to better power, data-driven decisions.



Statisfy offers something beyond custom content worth sharing. With our unique set of tools, we invite readers to engage with the content, which provides market insights for brands.




Get to know your audience by collecting and analyzing real-time responses with deep demographic data. Our Enterprise Dashboard comes with a complete tool set for the modern-day market researcher.

Embeddable Polls

Seamlessly integrate a Statisfy poll or question onto your website, share with your social media followers, or post it on your Tumblr page. Just like a Youtube video, Statisfy questions are easy to embed– just copy the code, plug it in, and watch the results roll in.

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Engage Users

Interactive content drives deeper connections between brands and consumers. Instead of pushing messages and information at consumers, invite them to share their opinions and ideas. Our polls make it easy to include consumer voices in your campaigns.

Increase Brand Awareness

Statisfy’s platform is optimized for fun, addictive, and playful content that users can’t wait to share. Statisfy makes it easy for you to recruit new visitors and send your social traffic numbers soaring. We’ll help you engage your current followers while reaching new ones.

Deterministic Data

You’ve probably heard of probabilistic data, but what about deterministic data? Statisfy will layer in probabilistic data on top of the deterministic data for enhanced insights that are natively gathered using our technology.


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